Spring Share

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Our Spring Share runs for 3 weeks from late May 23rd through early June 6th. This is your chance to put the first greens of the season on your dinner plate.

The Spring share is appropriately nicknamed the "Green Lovers" share because it is filled with greens: lettuces, kales, chards, spinach, herbs, arugula, mustards, radishes, rhubarb, seedlings, scallions.

The spring share is great for a CSA introduction, a gift to introduce someone to a CSA, or for a quick treat before you leave for the summer!

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Additional Info

  • Spring share runs for 3 weeks from May 23rd through June 6th.
  • Spring share is ONLY offered at our Pleasant Street site: Unitarian Universalist Church.
  • Pick up is Wednesdays from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • The Spring share comes in two sizes: Standard and Full.
  • Members may add-on the organic bread share to any season.
  • Vacation options are available.