Community supported agriculture, or CSA, brings the community and farmers together to share in a mutually beneficial and committed relationship.

 Local Harvest CSA started in 2003 as the first cooperative CSA in New Hampshire. Nearly 15 years later, we're still here and growing for you. Local Harvest is a produce subscription service that provides you with a weekly supply of organic, high-quality, locally grown, great tasting, and seasonally fresh food at an affordable price. Members purchase a share at the beginning of the season, which gives local farmers important early support for seeds, farm supplies, and labor before consistent markets have started.

Our organic cooperative CSA allows each farm to grow a variety of produce and provide a diverse yet consistent selection of organic produce to our CSA members. As the growing season progresses, you will see changes to the selection and variety of produce in your share. We strive to provide you a balanced mix of new-to-you as well as tried-and-true favorite vegetables and fruits. 


All of our produce is certified organic. That means we use sustainable practices which build the health of the soil and promote biodiversity, leaving a legacy of true wealth for the future. Organic certification is your assurance that your food has been grown and handled with the strict standards and procedures of the USDA’s National Organic Program. Our farms go beyond these standards with stewardship practices that nourish the soil, forests, and water on our land.

All of our produce is fresh. With the exception of storage crops, all the vegetables in your weekly share are picked to order. For you, this means getting the most out of the flavor, nutrition, and longevity our of your produce. That lettuce lasts longer in your fridge because it wasn't freighted across the country. Those tomatoes weren't grown for bar code scanners, they were grown for delicate skins and often picked for peak ripeness. 

All of our produce is local. Buying local impacts our communities in numerous ways. For every dollar you spend through our local farms, that dollar has a local economic multiplier of approximately two dollars right here in New Hampshire. Buying food grown here reduces the amount of fossil fuels used to bring food to your table by 50% (less travel to your table and organic practices are less energy intensive). Supporting local food growers makes it possible for farm land in production now to stay in production. As the average age of farmers increases, supporting local farmers means helping preserve farm land for the next generations.


If you're interested in cooperative CSAs, the early history of Local Harvest, or just what this movement is about, we recommend 'Local Harvest: A Multifarm CSA Handbook' by Jill Perry and Scott Franzblau. Find it on the Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education website or download as a PDF.

In many ways, CSA farming has sown the seeds for an entire movement, bringing us back to our roots, which are embedded in local agriculture.
— Dave Trumble, Local Harvest CSA grower, Good Earth Farm, Weare, NH