We know, "please read our policies" sounds like a drag, but we swear knowing these few things will help you make the most of your CSA membership. Our vacation and missed-share policies are especially important. We offer many opportunities to get your vegetables if you understand the weekly timeline of our farmers, orders, deliveries, and pick-up sites.


Payment plans


For our farmers, CSA provides peace of mind through a membership fee that helps us get the job done before there is anything to actually sell. But for you, that membership fee can be a big chunk of change. We ask for that money upfront if you can afford it, but we don't think the food we grow should be out of reach for anybody. We offer payment plans to meet your budget.

To set up a payment plan, please contact info@localharvestnh.com. For payment plans we ask that,

  1. Half of the share is completely paid for by the start of the share.

  2. The entire share is paid for by half way through the share.

  3. No more than six payments are made in total.

  4. Payment plans can be set up using credit/debit cards or using check payments.

vacation policy


If you are going to be away and unable to pick-up your share let us know!

When we know by the Friday before the share you will be missing, we can hold your share. You can pick-up the the share that was held at a different date of your choice (before or after the vacation share).

When you pick-up your held share you will be picking up your weekly share AND, in addition, your held your share. This means you have two shares (a "double" share) that week.

To notify us of a vacation, site depending, you can let us know when you pick-up your share or you can e-mail your vacation to info@localharvestnh.com

MISSED Share Pick-Up


If you miss your share and you do not make arrangements for late pick-up before the end of your schedule, your share will be donated. 

If it's within your scheduled pick-up window but something comes up CALL US. TEXT US. ASAP. It's so late and you won't make it before we pack up! You're stuck in traffic! Your dog ate your watch! Contact us and if the produce hasn't been picked up for donation we can make arrangements (within reason) so you'll get your share. 

Depending on the pick-up site, there may be late share pick-up options for pick-up outside of the schedule hours or the next day. Ask about what is available at your site!

For any shares picked up late, we cannot account for or guarantee the quality of produce. We do not recommend picking up your late or the next day.

Except for extreme cases, we cannot replace a missed share. We ask a lot of our farmers already, and replacing a share would be asking them to do their work for free.



If someone joins Local Harvest CSA because you referred them to us, let us know! If they mention you in the comments when they sign-up online or on their membership form we will send you $25 or, if you have a balance, we will take $25 off your balance. We love when you tell your friends about us!