What is a CSA? +

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a business model designed by farms that builds a relationship between farmers and members. Members essentially pay for a share of the farmer's harvest, both will benefit from a good season but share in the struggle of a tough season. The relationship gives farmers a steady income and customers, while members receive the freshest, locally grown, produce possible. Every CSA is different, but ours is Certified Organic and we are a cooperative CSA. Each week during our 26-week growing season, members come to one of our pick-up locations to pick up their share of organic, local produce. We offer numerous pick-up locations, share sizes, and share seasons.

What is a cooperative CSA? +

Being a cooperative CSA means that instead of just one farm, we have five family farms that contribute produce to our CSA shares. This partnership ensures that you get a diverse share each week of the best vegetables possible. Our farms have been working together in the Concord area for over 15 years. You may know some of our farms through farmer's markets or their own CSAs, but when we all come together we make a true farming powerhouse.

What do you mean by organic? +

The organic label gets tossed around a lot, but it has a real definition when it comes to how our farms think about your food and our community's natural resources. All five of our farms are certified organic by the USDA, but we go beyond those requirements in many ways.

Our farms are small or family-run, growing produce on anywhere between two to twelve acres. We sell food locally, which means that one, it's fresh and, two, it took less fuel to get to your plate. Selling locally ensures our farms can donate or compost unwanted produce instead of having food pile up in warehouses or stores across the country.

Because of our operation scale, our farmers are able to conscientiously monitor the ecological balance of their lands. By employing systems like cover cropping, low-water irrigation, crop rotation, woodlands conservation, and holistic farm management, our farms not only produce a quality organic product, but also replenish the ground that provides.

How do I sign-up for shares? +

There are two ways to sign-up for shares, online or through the mail. To sign-up online, visit the "Shop" tab on the menu bar or click here. To sign up through the mail through our "Membership Form" page click here. Here, you can print off a membership form, complete it, and mail it along with a check payment. While we can process credit and debit cards online, we do pay fees for each transaction whereas check payments go fully to Local Harvest CSA.

How do I sign-up for a Payment Plan? +

All of the information regarding payment plans can be found here. If you have questions regarding payment plans, we recommend calling or e-mailing us to get your payment plan set up properly. We can accept check payments or we can set up automatic online payments.

What is a “Market –Style” and “Pre-bagged” pick-up? +

Market Style: Our Market-style pick-up is only offered at our main and largest location at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Pleasant Street. This pick-up style allows members to bag their shares themselves. The market-style pick-up option offers choices depending on vegetable availability from week to week. Some weeks you may have the choice to pick one of two vegetables in multiple bins and some weeks there may only be one choice. We try to keep variety for all members and always make sure that you get the amount of items you paid for in your share. You can always e-mail or text us your preferences each week by the start of pick-up if you see something you want to make sure you get! Pre-bagged Shares: Our pre-bagged shares are bagged the morning of pick-up days by our Local Harvest CSA site workers. Shares are delivered to the pick-up locations in the Concord and Manchester area. Unstaffed sites will have names on the bags to avoid confusion. Staffed sites will have someone who can assist you to ensure you get the appropriate share. At these sites we have a bag rotation with our members. Each week we will bring our canvas bags full of produce and we ask that you return your empty back from the previous week. At points in the season we wash these bags. Rotating bags helps us keep our costs as low as possible and it helps us avoid using plastic bags.

What do I do if I am going to be out of town and unable to pick-up my share? +

No problem! We have a vacation policy that allows you to hold your share and receive it either before or after your vacation. Click here for more information about Vacation Policy. Receiving your share on a different week means that you will be picking up your weekly shares along with your held vacation share, meaning you will have two shares, which we call a “Double Share”. You can also have a friend or family member pick-up your share for you or for them to keep if you do not want to pick-up two shares at one time.

Will you drop off shares at my office/gym/neighborhood? +

Sure! We'll drop off shares anywhere in our range if you have at least 10 potential members that sign up to pick up their share at that location. If there are 10 people, we will add your location to our delivery route on Thursdays and we will give you a general time frame for our delivery each week. Just contact us to get your site set up or if you have other questions. Click here for information about becoming a pick-up location or have a personal drop-off location. We offer a coordinator incentive for members that coordinate a pick-up site!

I’m not getting the newsletter e-mail, what do I do? +

First, check to make sure that the newsletter is not going into your spam folder.

If you are not receiving the newsletter for your location, please e-mail to be added to the appropriate list. Joining our newsletter through the link on our website also works but it adds you to a general list and not a list specifically for members at your pick-up site.

If you would like to add a new e-mail you can e-mail us and we will add you. We can also add other e-mails for you such as a husband/wife, partner, roommate, etc.

If you have ever unsubscribed from our newsletter we cannot legally add you back without clear permission. Please e-mail us if you have unsubscribed but would like to re-subscribe.

I missed my share pick-up, what can I do? +

I’m running late to pick-up my share, what can I do? If your share pick-up time or day has passed, your share has likely already been donated to the Friendly Kitchen. Any shares that we are not notified about are donated so that produce does not go bad and is used. We cannot replace, reclaim, or give credit for shares that were not picked up and donated.

If you are ever running late for a share or think you may be late, please, call us 731-5955! Please call us at Local Harvest CSA and not the business at your pick-up location. At many of our sites we can set the share outside for you to pick-up, or, at some locations, we can have you pick-up your share the next day. However, if we are not notified by the end of the scheduled pick-up time, all remaining shares are donated.

Can I pick what is in my share each week? +

We build your share each week based on what is ready to harvest. We also take into account what you received the week before and what crops might be coming in the future. With five farms, it’s a balancing act, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see more or less of in your share! We rotate crops through our different share sites and share sizes to try our best to keep your share as diverse as possible through the season.

You can decide between your share sizes and if you want to add on a bread share. When a variety of crops become available, we will offer bulk vegetables for purchase in 5, 10, and 20 pound sizes. You can decide which, if any, vegetables you would like to purchase in bulk to store or process.

We cannot customize your share based on eating restrictions or diets. We do offer a swap table that is member-run. The contents of the swap table are completely based on what members have decided to swap throughout the day.

Can I split my share with someone? +

You can absolutely split your share with a family member or friend. Many members decide to split their share each week based on each other’s preference or they do a bi-weekly sharing in which they each pick-up every other week on alternating weeks. While we can’t provide any special accommodation for splitting share (even numbers of items) we love to see people work together to split and share their vegetables! If you don’t have somebody in mind to split a share with, but would like to go that route, let us know! We can oftentimes pair you up with somebody in your same situation.

I have too many vegetables in my share each week, what can I do? +

If your share size is not working out for you, we happy to help! We can bump your share size up or down one time during the season and even out the finances at that time.

I don’t have enough vegetables in my share each week, what can I do? +

If your share size is not working out for you, we happy to help! We can bump your share size up or down one time during the season and even out the finances at that time.